2022 Demonstrators

January 11th Demonstrator: Shop Tips and Tricks
February 8th Demonstrator: Dennis Belcher,(IRD-Cracked Wood)
March 8th Demonstrator: Ted Beebe(IRD-Thinking Outside the Bowl)
April 12th Demonstrator: Peggy Schmid
May 10th Demonstrator: Andi Wolfe(IRD)
June 7th Demonstrator: Jared Bruckner(IRD) – “Down the Rabbit Hole”
July 12th Demonstrator: Nick Cook(OS)
August 9th Demonstrator: TBD
September 13th Demonstrator: Pat Carroll(IRD)
October 11th Demonstrator: TBD
November 8th Demonstrator: TBD
December 13th Christmas Party
OS = On Site
IRD = Interactive Remote Demonstration

Georgia National Fair
October 2022 6th-16th
Georgia National Fairgrounds
Perry, GA 31069

2021 Demonstrators

January 12th Demonstrator: Pat Carrol IRD from Ireland
February 9th Demonstrator: Nick Agar, (IRD)Bronze Bowl
March 9th Demonstrator: Roberto Ferrer(IRD)
April 13th Demonstrator: Theo Haralampou (IRD)
May 11th Demonstrator: Eric Lofstrom(IRD)
June 8th Demonstrator: Mike Peace(IRD)
July 13th Demonstrator: Mark Sillay
August 10th Demonstrator: Ron Biffle
September 14th Demonstrator: Emiliano Achaval
October 12th Demonstrator: Steve Mellott-Ornaments
November 9th Demonstrator: Harvey Meyer-Lidded Box
December 14th Christmas Party


2020 Demonstrators

January 14th: Demonstrator: Kurt Hertzog
February 11th: Demonstrator: Harvey Meyer
March 10th: Demonstrator: Peg Schmid
April 14th: Meeting Cancelled
May 18th: Demonstrator: (IRD) with Cindy Drozda
June 27th 9:00 AM : IRD with Glenn Lucas
July 14th: Shop Tips and Tricks, as well as Shop Made Tools
August 11th: Demonstrator: Craig Timmerman
September 8th: Demonstrator: IRD-Trent Bosch
October 13th: Demonstrator: IRD-Michael Alguire

November 10th: Demonstrator: IRD-John Beaver

IRD-Interactive Remote Demo’s
December 8th: Christmas Party

2019 Demonstrators

January 8th: Demonstrator: James McClure
Februry 12th: Demonstrator: Bill Lynch
March 12th: Demonstrator: Ron Brown and Christopher Brown
April 9th: Demonstrator: Ken Rizza 
May 14th: Judy Ditmer
June 11th: Demonstrator: Frank Bowers
July 9th: Benoit Averly
August 13th: Demonstrator: Chip Nasworthy
September 10th: Demonstrator: Eugene HertzlerNorfolk Island Bowl
October 8th: Demonstrator: Joe Schlawin
November 12th: Demonstrator: Steve Mellott
December 10th: Christmas Party

Cancelled – GAWTurning Southern Style 2020 – Due to Covid-19 Concerns

September 18-20, 2020

Georgia National Fair