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2014 Officers

Bill Bulloch, President
Fred Morris, Vice President
Chip Nasworthy, Secretary/Treasure

To contact us send an email to bwtclub@bellsouth.net with Barnesville Woodturners in Subject.

   The Barnesville Woodturners is a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. Each of the members has an interest in woodturning.  For some it may be just a hobby, or a way to unwind on the weekends, others may do it after they retire. And for others it may be a way they  make a living. Whatever the reason, each has at least one thing in common ..
A passion for woodturning..

Regular Meetings

We meet the Second Tuesday of each month at 7pm. The meetings are usually held at Fred Morris' shop located at 168 Howards Rd. in Barnesville.
To help fund the club we hold a wood raffle at the beginning of each meeting, tickets are1.00 each and if you bring in wood or another item you will get 1 ticket at no cost.

We also ask members and visitors to bring in 1-2 items that they have made for show and tell.

Schedule - Next Meeting

September meeting date change

September 17th
Ray Key will be the featured demonstrator

Also - All Day Workshop on the 17th.
For availablity email bwtclub@bellsouth.net with Barnesville Woodturners in Subject.

Also Sept. 17th
Turning exchange
Bring your turning exchange in an unmarked bag

Upcoming Events

Middle Georgia Woodturners
September 15th, 2014
Middle Georgia Woodturners - Raffle info

September 19-21, 2014

Georgia Association of Woodturners
Turning Southern Style XX Symposium

October 2-12, 2014
Georgia National Fair in Perry

It's time to begin preparing for the Georgia National Fair. The Fair provides club members with the opportunity to submit woodturnings for display and competition. Woodturnings may be submitted in one of six categories: Bowls, Decorative, Functional, Hollow Forms, Plates and Platters and Segmented. Last year many of our club members were recognized with awards and monetary prizes. See the list of awards at last year's fair here . The rules for the competition will be essentially the same this year as in previous years, except that entries will need to be submitted online. The turn-in date for woodturnings are September 6th and 7th by mail or in person at the Fair grounds. Fred Morris will keep us posted on additional information as the dates get closer.

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